Swiss Automation www.swissautomation.com (Tour with management and funding)

Kroeschell www.kroeschell.com (Tour with management and funding)

goBILDA www.gobilda.com (Funding)

FIRST Illinois Robotics firstillinoisrobotics.org (Funding)


OnShape www.onshape.com (Free CAD software)

Acutis Web Design www.linktree.com/acutisweb (Website management)

Ways to help us achieve our goals - 

Please consider becoming a team sponsor or donor to help cover registration and robot build costs associated with the FTC season.  It can cost several thousand dollars each year to have a competitive team and we've kept our costs as low as possible.

We accept monetary donations, tours of your business operations, donations of parts or 3D printing filament (ex. poly carbonate sheets/aluminum sheets), or donations of machines (ex. 3D printers, milling, or CNC machines).

Spare Parts Robotics is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.


Find us on LinkedIn at tinyurl.com/spr-linkedin