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Coach: Contact Coach Laurel at 847-840-5581

Mentors: Mike & Scot

Our team takes part in outreach opportunities and provides robot demonstrations and/or other STEM activities (i.e. science kit assistance such as circuit building).

  • If you’re a student (or parent of a student) interested in joining our team, please email or contact one of the coaches.

  • If you’re interested in hosting our team for robot demonstrations or other STEM activity, please email or contact one of the coaches.

  • If you're a FLL or FTC team looking to connect, please email us. We were very successful this past year in hosting video conferencing and collaborating with other teams. We would love to share our experiences and offer assistance to new or seasoned teams.

Fun Fact >>> Established in 2016, we are celebrating our 6th season this year. For 6 years, we have inspired middle and high school students to make a difference in the community, learning how to code and build, and applying engineering & math principals!

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