Our Contributors


Let us first give a big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, contributors and partners!

A big shout out for the great support that has kept Spare Parts Robotics going.

We will like to recognize your contributions of time, talent or treasures on this page.


Swiss Automation (Tour with Management and Help fund our participation in season competition)

NorthShore Care Supply (Tour with Management/Engineer Team and Q&A session about engineering and STEM field careers)

OnShape (Free CAD software to FTC teams)

Google Sites (Free online webdesign software)

WayPoint Robotics (Virtual tour with Management/Engineer Team and Q&A session about engineering and STEM field careers)

The Borgetti Holiday Light Show (Tour and Q&A about light show)



CIDEAS (Tour with Management/Engineer Team and Q&A session about engineering and STEM field careers)

Precision Waterjet (Funding, Equipment & Tours)

Wolf Cabinetry (Funding)

Ways to help us achieve our goals -ย 

Please consider becoming a team sponsor to help cover registration & robotic costs associated with the FTC season.ย  It can cost several thousand dollars each year to have a competitive team and we've kept our costs as low as possible much the same way you're good stewards of your resources.

We will accept monetrary donations, donations of parts (i.e. polycarbonate sheets/ aluminum sheets), access to higher quality machines for 3D printing or milling/CNC custom parts or tours of your business operations.ย  We've even accepted machinery that we were able to repair and resell further enhancing the kids STEM experience/education.

Spare Parts Robotics Sponsorship Information.pdf

Sponsorship/Donation Requests -

Send email to sparepartsrobotics@gmail.com for information or contact our coach at numbers below:ย ย 

Contact Coach Laurel:ย  847-840-5518

SpareParts is not a 501c(3), so donations are not tax-deductible.

Mailing Address:

Spare Parts Robotics

Attn:ย ย 

Sponsor Logos/Name Usage -

For sponsors, we would like to show your logo/name on our website, robot, banners, and/or team T-Shirts. We will need a high quality file of your company logo/name.ย ย 

Please email a copy in .jpg, .png, or .bmp format.

Annual Budget Costs ๐Ÿ”ฝ

We work very hard to keep the cost of operating our highly competivite robotics team as low as possible and do not charge kids any club/participation fees.ย  We accomplish this by re-using robot parts from our very first season in 2016, only buying half-field game set instead of a full field set,ย  "borrowing" tools from parents/neighbors, asking other teams to loan out spare parts/equipment and just being creative with engineering solutions to the problem at hand (i.e. better design/incorporating different game strategies).

A typical veteran team recurring expenses for a year, without travel costs, looks like this:

Other expenses "our wish list" that we have avoided so far are: buying a new driver phone for $400 to replace the one from 2016, 6" Mechanum Wheels for $400, Linear Slide Lift Parts $200, new t-shirts $30/ea.ย  We would love to get our hands on a lot of other parts & supplies too.