FIRST '22-23 PowerPlay Challenge


What does a competitive robotics team season look like? 🔽

Our robotics team is competitive...but we have fun, too!

  • Robot Games – 3 League Meets (Nov-Jan) during Season that each robot team plays 5 to 6 qualification rounds with an alliance partner robot against 2 other teams (4 robots on the field).

      • Games are 3 minutes long, with the first 30 seconds being autonomous and the remainder is driver controlled (think xbox controllers)

      • The game field is 12′ x 12′ on foam tiles with a 1′ high perimeter

  • League Championship (Feb) - competition against 30+ teams to determine winning alliances and awards.

            • Approx. 25% of teams move on to State

            • Awards (Inspire, Think, Connect, Motivate, etc...)

  • State & World Championship (Mar-Apr) - best of the best going head to head

  • Engineering Portfolio – documentation about your season, engineering design process, programming & CAD, outreaches, and team building.

  • Judges Interview – Presentation and Q&A time with the judges about your robot and season.

'22-23 PowerPlay Season Video 🔽

Here is the '21-22 Freight Frenzy Season and Challenge Videos.

If you have questions about FIRST robotics or FIRST Tech Challenge, please let us know. We would love to help you get started and possibly become a mentor!